Countering Russia's Strategy for Regional Coercion and War   [open pdf - 602KB]

"The workshop was the second in a series that began in August 2015 with a more general examination of Russia's approach to regional security and the challenges facing the United States and NATO in developing responsive strategies. Building on the August event, the January workshop looked more closely at how Russia would execute its concept for conflict in a local confrontation with NATO that escalated to a wider war. The workshop addressed two questions with important implications for how the West postures itself: How would Russia use the threat of escalation, both conventional and nuclear, to manage conflict with NATO and restrain NATO's responses to aggression? How can NATO reduce Russia's confidence in its ability to execute a local fait accompli and then control a process of escalation to secure its gains? To explore these issues, the workshop gathered a diverse group of experts from government (U.S., NATO, and selected NATO members), academia, and the think tank community."

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Countering Russia's Strategy for Regional Coercion and War. National Defense University, Washington D.C., January 19-20, 2016
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