Cyber and Infrastructure Protection Transition Way Ahead: Fiscal Year 2016 Report to Congress   [open pdf - 433KB]

"In October 2015, DHS provided Congress a plan to transition the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) to an organizational structure that would address the growing risks to critical infrastructure. This current report provides additional details about why and how this transition will occur. The transition would designate NPPD as an operational component within DHS, change its name to Cyber and Infrastructure Protection, and realign the component's programs and functions. The transition is necessary to improve component management and to utilize the component's national operational activities in a way that will meet the evolving requirements of the cybersecurity and critical infrastructure mission. NPPD has invested significant time over the last two years refining the strategic transition objectives and developing the plan to achieve those objectives. The next stage is to work with Congress to authorize and implement the plan. The transition will improve the component's operational focus and strengthen internal coordination between distinct, but heavily linked, areas of operational activity. NPPD will consolidate current operational activities into three subcomponents: the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, Infrastructure Security, and the Federal Protective Service. These subcomponents will be supported by centralized mission support functions that provide acquisition, business, strategic, and analytical services. The mission support functions will provide much needed component-wide governance, oversight, and coordination, with more efficient standardized processes and procedures. The need for, and the benefits of, the transition is outlined in Section I. Section II details the current organizational structure, the proposed organizational structure, and the alternatives analyzed as part of our implementation planning efforts."

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