U.S. Department of Homeland Security Agency Financial Report: Fiscal Year 2015   [open pdf - 20MB]

From the Message from the Secretary: "This report provides an assessment of the Department's detailed financial information and demonstrates how the resources entrusted to us were used to support our primary mission areas. This report also outlines our major goals and priorities and illustrates our commitment to strengthening Departmental Unity of Effort. The Department's mission execution seeks to achieve the Nation's basic physical security while protecting the freedoms we expect as Americans. As a nation we cherish our privacy, value the freedom to travel and associate, expect ready access to lawful goods and services, and celebrate our diversity. Our citizens also expect a foundation of security and resilience. To accomplish our complex mission, in a challenging fiscal environment, we prioritize our essential programs and core capabilities. We realize that addressing evolving security threats requires that we not only maintain, but also enhance, these capabilities. A safe and secure homeland must mean more than preventing terrorist attacks from being carried out. It must also ensure that the liberties of all Americans are assured, privacy is protected, and the means by which we interchange with the world-through travel, lawful immigration, trade, commerce, and exchange-are secured. Today, the global threat of terrorism is more decentralized, complex, and in many respects, harder to detect. The new reality involves the potential for smaller-scale attacks by individuals who are either homegrown or home-based, who may or may not be inspired or directed by a terrorist organization. It is no longer necessary for terrorist organizations to personally recruit, train, and direct operatives overseas."

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