Commercial Facilities Sector-Specific Plan: An Annex to the NIPP 2013   [open pdf - 8MB]

In the context of this report, NIPP stands for National Infrastructure Protection Plan. From the Executive Summary: "The Commercial Facilities (CF) Sector is made up of an extremely diverse range of sites and assets where large numbers of people congregate daily to conduct business, purchase retail products, and enjoy recreational events and accommodations. Given the national and international visibility and potential human and economic consequences associated with commercial facilities, it is important for the Federal Government and the CF Sector to work together to ensure the protection of our Nation's prominent business centers and gathering places. The majority of CF Sector facilities are privately owned, operate with minimal regulations, and house the business activities and commercial transactions that dominate the U.S. economy. The sector is divided into eight subsectors-Entertainment and Media, Gaming, Lodging, Outdoor Events, Public Assembly, Real Estate, Retail, and Sports Leagues-to facilitate coordination among facilities with similar functions, operations, and security issues. The Retail Subsector is further divided into two councils: the Shopping Center Subsector Council, which includes mall developers, and the Council of Retailers, which includes stores within malls and standalone retail establishments. While diverse, CF stakeholders, facing common existing and developing risks, must balance security priorities with their need for open access, public confidence, and economic vitality. Natural disasters, armed attacker and terrorist threats, pandemics, theft, supply chain, and geopolitical disruptions are persistent risks to the CF Sector. Risks associated with cyberattacks continue to grow, as CF Sector reliance on cyber systems, such as for online financial transactions and building management, rises. The use of social media has facilitated increasingly coordinated protest activities and has also allowed terrorist organizations to solicit support."

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