Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy: Hearing Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, One Hundred and Fourteenth Congress, First Session, July 15, 2015   [open pdf - 5MB]

This compilation is from the July 15, 2015 hearing titled "Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy," held before the United States House of Representatives, Committee on Financial Services. The following has been taken from the Committee Memorandum: "The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978 -- commonly referred to as the Humphrey-Hawkins Act -- sets four benchmarks for the economy: full employment, growth in production, price stability, and balance of trade and budget. To monitor progress towards these goals, the Act mandates that the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve present semi-annual reports to Congress on the state of the U.S. economy and the nation's financial welfare. At these hearings before the Senate Banking Committee and the House Committee on Financial Services, the Chair of the Federal Reserve articulates the strengths and weaknesses of the economy." Statements, letters, and other materials submitted for the record include: Janet Yellen, and the Monetary Policy Report.

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