Officer Safety: A Strategy for Local Law Enforcement Encountering the Sovereign Citizen Movement   [open pdf - 421KB]

"The 9/11 Commission's Report observed that 'imagination is not a gift usually associated with bureaucracies, yet, imagination is precisely what is needed to address emerging threats'. The Sovereign Citizen Movement is an example of an emerging threat within the broader framework of homeland security strategies. We must consistently revisit our priorities and ensure our domestic approach can address multiple types of violent extremism. Addressing this emerging threat can create a preventive strategic plan built upon existing federal, state, and local partnerships and regional collaboration. This threat 'requires the expertise and resources from all relevant agencies' , including, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Joint Counterterrorism Task Force, the Fusion Centers, the State Police, and local law enforcement. We must be vigilant in identifying, predicting, and preempting emerging threats; we must work together supporting local capabilities and programs on the frontlines to address problems of national concern."

Center for Homeland Defense and Security
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