Land Mobile Radio (LMR) 101: Part 1: Educating Decision-Makers on LMR Technologies   [open pdf - 568KB]

"Every day, dedicated men and women risk their lives to make our communities safe and secure. The job of emergency responders at every level of government - federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial - is to respond to and manage incidents of varying size and scope, and assist communities with recovery efforts. This mission requires timely decision-making and coordination among law enforcement and fire personnel, emergency medical services, 911 staff, emergency managers, and health care professionals. As Figure 1 represents, multiple response agencies are involved in a single incident. Communications is a critical part of that response; a breakdown of communication at any one of these junctures could negatively affect response, risking life and property.[…] LMR [land mobile radio] systems are terrestrially-based, wireless communications systems commonly used by federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency responders, public works companies, and even the military to support voice and low-speed data communications. LMR systems typically consist of handheld portable radios, mobile radios, base stations, a network, and repeaters."

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