Tribal Consultation on the Recommendations for Federal Support to Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition Under Executive Order #13688   [open pdf - 185KB]

"For decades, the Federal Government has provided, and continues to provide, Tribal, State, and local, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with funding and equipment, either directly or indirectly, to support and augment LEA operations. This equipment ranges from standard office supplies and administrative items (e.g., desks or computers) to weapons and military or 'military-style' equipment (e.g., firearms, ammunition, and tactical vehicles). The purpose of providing this equipment to LEAs via Federal programs is to enhance and improve the LEAs' mission to protect and serve their communities. Equipment provided through Federal sources has become a critical component of LEAs' inventory, especially as fiscal challenges have mounted and other sources of equipment and funding have diminished. LEAs rely on Federally-acquired equipment to conduct a variety of law enforcement operations including hostage rescue, special operations, response to threats of terrorism, and fugitive apprehension. Use of Federally-acquired equipment also enhances the safety of officers who are often called upon to respond to dangerous or violent situations; being improperly equipped in such operations can have life-threatening consequences, both for the law enforcement personnel and the public they are charged with protecting."

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