Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: A Law Enforcement Primer   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The introduction of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies will have a significant impact on ground transportation systems in the United States. Law enforcement agencies, legislative bodies, judiciary members, and regulatory bodies across the country will have to make changes in their operational, legislative, and regulatory processes to respond to incidents or events involving these technologies to ensure public safety mandates are satisfied. This thesis examined both technologies to gain an understanding of how they function and to identify by predictive analysis the emerging issues that will impact homeland security, as these systems could potentially be used for nefarious purposes. Securing the technology from cyber intrusion will be of paramount concern to manufacturers and consumers. An examination of a cyber security project to protect police vehicle fleets, undertaken by the Virginia State Police and University of Virginia, will highlight vulnerabilities and offer relevant recommendations to safeguard those assets. This thesis is intended to serve as a primer for law enforcement managers to develop a baseline understanding of autonomous and connected vehicle technology, while stimulating a re-examination of law enforcement roles and responsibilities that will require change as these technologies emerge."

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