Terror Threat Snapshot [December 2015]   [open pdf - 264KB]

"Key takeaways in this month's 'Terror Threat Snapshot' include: [1] ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] and its supporters are engineering a global terror campaign against the West, including here in the United States where they executed the deadliest Islamist terror attack on American soil since 9/11 [...] [2] The failure to destroy ISIS resulted in an unprecedented Islamist terror threat level here at home this year [...] [3] ISIS and al Qaeda's global expansion is spawning jihadist incubators from Yemen to Libya [...] [4] Foreign fighters operating on jihadist battlefields are a surging threat to Americans and our allies, as demonstrated in the November 13 Paris attack [...] [5] Islamist terrorists have attempted to infiltrate the United States through the refugee resettlement program since 2011 [...] [6] The transfers of Guantanamo terror detainees overseas and, potentially, to the homeland threaten Americans and broader U.S. national security interests. [...] [and 7] Iran is posed to receive economic sanctions relief from the West despite plotting terror attacks against Western interests, employing cyber weapons to target American government personnel, conducting illicit ballistic missile tests, stonewalling UN inspectors, and stockpiling missiles threatening Israel."

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