Argentina Votes for Change in 2015 Presidential Election [November 23, 2015]   [open pdf - 122KB]

"On November 22, 2015, Argentines went to the polls in the second round of a presidential race and opted for change by electing Mauricio Macri of the opposition Let's Change coalition representing center-right and center-left parties. Macri defeated Daniel Scioli, the candidate of the leftist Peronist party faction known as the Front of Victory (FPV) of outgoing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In a close race, Macri, the mayor of Buenos Aires, took 51.4% of the vote compared to 48.6% for Scioli, the governor of Buenos Aires province. Macri will be inaugurated on December 10, 2015. His election ends the 12-year run of so-called Kirchnerismo that helped Argentina emerge from a severe economic crisis in 2001-2002, but also was characterized by protectionist and unorthodox economic policies and at times difficult relations with the United States. The Macri government is expected to usher in market-based economic reform efforts and more constructive relations with the United States. Macri is the leader of the center-right Republican Proposal (PRO) party and is in his second term as mayor. He has a business background and also served as president of one of Argentina's most popular football clubs, Boca Juniors. One difficulty for Macri's candidacy was that his Buenos Aires-centered political party was thought not to have a nationwide reach. During the August 2015 primary campaign, Macri moved more to the center so as not to alienate those Argentines supportive of the government's social programs. As part of an attempt to expand his base, Macri supported protests by farm groups who oppose the government's imposition of export taxes."

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