Fear, Politics, and Ebola: How Quarantines Hurt the Fight Against Ebola and Violate the Constitution   [open pdf - 0B]

"A multitude of expert panels have been convened over the past year to draw lessons learned from the manifold global failures to respond to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Yet comparatively little attention has been paid to the widespread failure in the United States--which did not experience an epidemic--to appropriately manage public anxiety and support people returning from the affected region. This report is a critical first step of an overdue national reckoning. [...] The report correctly places responsibility for the ensuing panic squarely at the feet of our nation's political leaders. Through sheer or willful ignorance, or simple political expediency, many governors enacted quarantine measures and other restrictive policies that not only misled the public, but threatened to actually undermine--rather than protect--public health both at home and in Ebola-affected countries. Our leaders were enabled by a fear-mongering mass media that also ignored established medical science, further stoking panic and compounding an already immense public disservice."

2015 ACLU Foundation and 2015 Yale Global Health Justice Partnership
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