Security and Prosperity: Reexamining the Connection Between Economic, Homeland and National Security   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "What is the relationship between economic, homeland, and national security? This question drove the investigation of journal articles and federal doctrine to determine the answer. Through qualitative and quantitative research, I explored definitions, examined connections, and made observations. From this effort I found that the definitions for these security elements are cloudy; furthermore, the relationships between the elements are primarily described in relation to the elements explored but not in the context of the security environment, which plays a significant role. Key findings include: 1) there is not a balanced relationship between economic security, homeland security, and national security; 2) the security relationship is an uneven overlap of the elements; and 3) metamorphic forces shape the security relationships. All combined, when some security decisions are being made they lead to unintended consequences. To align national security efforts, the focus should be on discussion the nation's health through the lens of security and prosperity. The first steps to accomplishing this goal are: 1) develop a national narrative, 2) integrate Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense, 3) create a Department of Prosperity, 4) continue combatting violence and extremism and, 5) continue promoting prosperity abroad."

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