DOD's Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station in Afghanistan: An Ill-Conceived $43 Million Project   [open pdf - 573KB]

From the Conclusion: "TFBSO [Task Force for Business and Stability Operations] spent nearly $43 million to build a CNG [compressed natural gas] filling station that would have cost no more than $500,000 in neighboring Pakistan. Even considering security costs associated with construction and operation in Afghanistan, this level of expenditure appears gratuitous and extreme. There are several troubling aspects of this project, including overhead costs of $30 million (70 percent of total project expenditures), the apparent lack of a feasibility study prior to project initiation, and the prohibitive costs associated with converting cars to CNG. Unfortunately, SIGAR's review of this project was hindered by DOD's lack of cooperation. In its June 17, 2015, response to SIGAR's letter requesting information, DOD contended that no one remains at the Department who can answer substantive questions about the CNG project, or, apparently, about any other TFBSO activities. This implies that TFBSO operated independent of any internal DOD management and oversight. […] Under the circumstances, DOD's position that it has no knowledge about this $800 million program is startling and unconvincing. It is also a major concern because TFBSO was DOD's principal vehicle for stimulating private sector investment in Afghanistan to build a stable and growing economy. An understanding of the successes and failures of TFBSO activities will be critical for Congress and the Administration when considering economic development activities during future contingency operations. While DOD cooperation would certainly have provided additional, valuable information about TFBSO's CNG project, we were able to obtain sufficient evidence from other sources, including TFBSO contractors under subpoena, to issue this report."

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