Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army [November-December 2015]   [open pdf - 23MB]

This November-December 2015 issue of "Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army" features the following articles: "The Urban Individual: Unassailable Source of Power in Twenty-First Century Armed Conflicts," by Erik A. Claessen; "Military Communication Strategies Based on How Audiences Meld Media and Agendas," by Donald L. Shaw, Thomas C. Terry, and Milad Minooie; "Six Weeks in 1914: Campaign Execution and the Fog of War--Historical Lessons for the Military Professional," by John J. McGrath; "Comments on 'Calvary Tanks'," by George S. Patton, Jr.; "The Lights and the Heavies: Adapting Calvary Branch to the Demands of Force 2025 and Beyond," by Matthew McGoffin; "Balancing Air and Missile Defense to Better Support Manuver," by Vincent R.. Wiggins Jr.; "Countering the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Threat," by Matthew T. Tedesco; "Drones, Honor, and War," by Sol Goldstein; "Air Force Leaders Take Note: The Army is Changing," by Jason Earley; "The United States Army's Secret to Success: Capitalizing on the Human Dimension to Enhance Its Combat Capabilities," by Jonathan Bissell and Carlos Olvera; "An All-Volunteer Force for Long-Term Success," by Michael Runey and Charles Allen; "Leading Soldiers with--Not Primarily through--Communication Technology," by Andrew B. Stripp; "A Way to Teach Critical Thinking Skills so Learners Will Continue Using Them in Operations," by Marcus Griffin and Rob B. McClary; and "A Good Death: Mortality and Narritive in Army Leadership," by Dan Leard.

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