Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB): Frequently Asked Questions [October 30, 2015]   [open pdf - 642KB]

In the context of this document, 'Congressional Research Service' will be abbreviated 'CRS'. "This report responds to frequently asked questions [FAQ] about the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), including the board's background, current status, controversial issues including legal challenges, and recent legislative efforts to repeal the IPAB. For additional information, see CRS Report R41511, 'The Independent Payment Advisory Board', by Jim Hahn and Christopher M. Davis." FAQ include: "What Is the IPAB? […] Why Was the IPAB Created? […] Why Is the IPAB Controversial? […] What Triggers IPAB Action? […] Who are the Members of the IPAB, and How are They Appointed? […] Why Hasn't the IPAB Been Constituted? Why Haven't Any Members Been Appointed? […] What Are the Fast-Track Procedures That IPAB Legislation Would Receive in Congress? […] Are There Fast-Track Procedures for Legislation Discontinuing IPAB? […] What Internal Congressional Rules Have Been Adopted Addressing the IPAB? […] Are the House and Senate Required to Follow the Fast-Track Procedures in the Act? […] What Restrictions Did the ACA Place on Congressional Consideration of IPAB Legislation? […] What If the IPAB Fails to Submit a Required Proposal? […] What Legal Challenges Have Been Raised Regarding the IPAB, and What Is the Status of the Lawsuits? […] What Recent Legislative Activity Related to the IPAB Has There Been? […and] How Has CBO [Congressional Budget Office] Scored IPAB-Related Bills?"

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CRS Report for Congress, R44075
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