President's Budget Fiscal Year: Middle Class Economics: Cybersecurity   [open pdf - 82KB]

From the Document: "Computers, information, and communications technology are increasingly the foundation of the U.S. economy and driving the technological change that allows small and medium-sized U.S. businesses to compete in the global marketplace. Yet that same economic growth is threatened by a corresponding growth in cyber threats. Increasing data breaches, theft of intellectual property through cyber means, and cyber attacks are resulting in real costs and consequences for the American economy. Consequently, the Administration is taking actions to better prepare our Government, our economy, and our Nation as a whole to defend against growing cyber threats. Cyber threats continue to evolve, posing one of the gravest national security dangers to the United States. The Administration has outlined several budgetary, programmatic, and legislative strategies to improve the Government's cybersecurity infrastructure and combat this growing threat domestically and globally. In addition to the FY 2016 Budget, the President recently provided Congress with an updated cybersecurity legislative proposal that will provide the Federal Government and private sector the necessary tools to improve our Nation's cybersecurity."

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