FEMA Mitigation Best Practices: Harris County, Texas Uses Hazus-Multi Hazard for Risk Assessment & Hurricane Preparedness   [open pdf - 41KB]

"Harris County, Texas is the latest in a growing number of urban counties that has used Hazus-Multi Hazard (Hazus-MH) for risk assessment and preparedness planning. In 2005, the county enlisted the support of CivilTech Engineering, a FEMA authorized Hazus vendor for flood and hurricane models, to assess the risk to flood and hurricane hazards. Harris County has a population approaching four million, encompasses 1,746 square miles, and is frequently subjected to damaging winds and flooding. Harris County was in a unique position to initiate a Risk Assessment Program using Hazus-MH in 2005. The Tropical Storm Alison Recovery Project (TSARP) provided up-to-date hydrologic and hydraulic data and new mapping tools. In addition, the County's unique relationship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provided extensive economic and risk assessment data from multiple completed and ongoing federal flood reduction projects. In summary, the County already paid for extensive data collection and data generation for other projects which it now was able to applying to Hazus-MH to a Risk Assessment Program. CivilTech worked with the County to develop a Phase 1 project that would test the capabilities of Hazus-MH. In Phase of the Harris County Risk Assessment Project, a basic Hazus-MH Level 1 analysis using the Hurricane Wind and Flood modules was run for the entire county to familiarize personnel with the program and provide a useful product that could be immediately used. This was among the largest applications to date of the Hazus-MH program."

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