Floodwall Protected Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital During Tropical Storm Lee   [open pdf - 34KB]

"'Hazard Mitigation' might be an inelegant term, but it works. Just ask the folks at Binghamton's Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. A floodwall, built with hazard mitigation funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and New York State protected this vital property from flood waters that devastated other parts of the city, even as rising water from the Susquehanna River engulfed the hospital's parking lot during Tropical Storm Lee. City officials estimated that as many as 2,000 buildings suffered storm flood damage. […] When the Susquehanna River flooded in June 2006, the hospital suffered more than $20 million in losses. Floodwater breached an earthen dam, flooding the facility, and critical operations were shut down for two weeks. Patients were evacuated and relocated to two other area hospitals. Between 16 to 20 inches of contaminated floodwater covered the hospital's entire ground floor, and the power plant and many essential components, such as emergency generators, fuel tanks and water supply, sustained severe damage. After the June 2006 flood, the hospital could not be relocated from the floodplain. Damage was repaired and a floodwall, deemed the most cost effective and reasonable solution, was built over five years at a cost of approximately $7 million. It was completed this past June."

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