FEMA Mitigation Best Practices: Storm Shelters Old and New - Still a Good Idea   [open pdf - 32KB]

"Ripley County, IN - When Don Wood built his storm shelter 25 years ago, he didn't know how often he'd have to use it. As it turned out, Wood and his family sought protection in that shelter through several windstorms and a few tornadoes during those 25 years. Will Jeremy Shireman, who is incorporating a storm shelter in the basement of his new home now under construction, have occasion to use his shelter that often? After tornadoes ripped through southern Indiana in early March 2012, anyone pondering whether or not to install or build a storm shelter, or perhaps 'harden' an existing basement against future extreme wind storms, might consider Wood's experience and advice. Those recent twisters, which damaged or destroyed several homes and other structures in the small community of Holton a few miles west of Wood's Ripley County home, came close enough to convince Wood, once again, that he'd made a wise decision to build that storm shelter so many years ago."

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