LLIS Innovative Practice: South Carolina's Safe Home Program: Increasing Resiliency Among Coastal Populations   [open pdf - 77KB]

" South Carolina created the Safe Home program as part of the State's 'Omnibus Coastal Property Insurance Act of 2007', passed in response to rising coastal insurance rates and significant losses suffered by insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina. The State designed the Act to make future events less costly by keeping insurance prices affordable for homeowners and improving resiliency for individual homes. To achieve this goal, South Carolina began disbursing grants through the Safe Home program in October 2007, primarily to low- and middle-income homeowners in coastal counties. The South Carolina Department of Insurance (DoI) administers the program. Grant funds, raised via premium taxes on wind insurance, total around $2.2 million per year. An advisory committee composed of 20 members provides grant approval, program updates, and subject-matter expertise. The Governor and Director of Insurance of South Carolina appoint members of the advisory committee, including local building officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, and other state agencies."

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