LLIS Lesson Learned: Long Term Recovery Committees: Lessons Learned from the 2009 Georgia Floods   [open pdf - 107KB]

"Between September 18 and October 9, 2009, heavy rains in the Atlanta metropolitan area caused a 500-year flood event. Rising waters caused more than $500 million in damages, affected some 20,000 homes, businesses and other buildings, and killed 10 people. As a result, 23 Georgia counties received Federal disaster declarations. Following the floods, the State turned to Georgia VOAD [Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster], an umbrella organization that coordinates efforts between the voluntary organizations that comprise its membership. The 'Georgia Housing Strategy' gives Georgia VOAD the responsibility for standing up volunteer-staffed LTRCs [Long Term Recovery Committees]. Georgia VOAD establishes LTRCs, as needed, in localities affected by disaster. Depending on the size of the disaster there can be one or more LTRCs operational at the same time. These LTRCs carry out debris removal, damage assessments, and temporary and permanent housing repairs. A primary focus of LTRCs is to address the housing-related needs of families and individuals that insurance and disaster assistance programs do not meet."

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