Longport Adopts an Ordinance Designed to Reduce Flood Losses   [open pdf - 37KB]

"Hurricane Sandy brought extreme levels of flooding to the New Jersey coast. The damage was widespread in neighborhoods and many homes were washed away. Residents in the Borough of Longport witnessed firsthand the success of the more strict building codes they were required to build to throughout the past few years. Many residents initially resented these restrictive requirements but the success seen after Sandy proved the value of these higher standards. The Borough of Longport has had its share of flooding and has experienced a substantial loss of real estate in the past due to erosion from storms and the effects of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, several blocks have washed away into the Egg Harbor inlet on the south end. Local officials, businessmen, and citizens formed a committee that developed a plan to keep flood insurance premiums a low as possible and create a more resilient community. The committee has since adopted higher regulatory standards that have saved between 200 and 250 homes from Sandy's flooding. These homes have either been elevated or have been newly constructed since the borough has adopted these new standards."

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