Lambertville Public School Building Retrofit   [open pdf - 36KB]

"This project involved retrofitting the elementary school building in the City of Lambertville, NJ, following Hurricane Floyd in 1999. The school structures include a 1-story brick classroom building and an attached 'multi-purpose' building used as a gymnasium, cafeteria, and assembly area. In 1999, with Hurricane Floyd in the weather forecast, staff and students followed the drill with sand bags and elevation, but the school was overwhelmed by the heavy rain delivered by the storm. Water depths within the school reached 24 inches as floodwaters poured into the school building through doors, windows, and heating vents. Teaching materials, books, equipment, cafeteria appliances, furniture, and photographs were destroyed. The results of the event, in terms of both dollar cost and emotional impact, was dramatic. The insurance settlement alone was $1,000,000 (1999 dollars). Teachers and children were in tears and children were out of school for 5 days."

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