Building Codes Save Two Sea Bright Homes   [open pdf - 38KB]

"On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy blew across the Jersey shore and downgraded to a tropical cyclone. It weakened in strength, but still devastated many small boroughs like Sea Bright. Many of the quaint homes that made the township unique were reduced to rubble. For homeowner Bernard Bertino and builder Ray Guzman, building above the code standards saved their adjoining townhomes from the massive flooding. Both Bertino and Guzman were happy to see their homes were high and dry after their neighborhood was flooded. The structures sustained no flood damage because they installed flood vents in the garage. The vents allowed floodwaters to flow easily through the structure by minimizing the pressure from the force of water during impact. Sea Bright is bordered by water on two sides and some property owners experience frequent flooding during especially high tides. When Guzman and his architect, Paul Damiano, constructed the two townhomes a year ago, they were adamant about building flood-resistant properties and wanted to build exactly to local code."

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