Infrastructure Protection Program: Transit Securty Grant Program (TSGP): AFR Final Report   [open pdf - 169KB]

In the context of this report, AFR stands for Agency Financial Report. "The Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) provides funds for security enhancements to rail and bus networks. Funds can be used for planning, equipment acquisitions, training, exercises, and Management and Administrative (M&A) costs. There are seven specific priorities for TSGP rail and bus grants. They are (1) protection of underground and underwater rails assets, (2) protection of high-risk/high-consequence assets, (3) visible and unpredictable deterrence, (4) targeted counterterrorism training for key staff, (5) emergency preparedness drills and exercises, (6) public awareness campaigns, and (7) support of the National Preparedness architecture. […] The Analysis of Federal Requirements Team conducted cooperative discussions with 13 States regarding their perceptions of the TSGP. All (100%) of the States said the TSGP grant provides critical funds that directly support their Strategies to enhance transportation security and preparedness. Each of the jurisdictions were asked to reply to a series of questions pertaining to reporting requirements, timeline requirements, grant guidance, grant approval process, resource requirements, and program summary issues."

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