FEMA Mitigation Best Practices: Risk MAP Success Story: Blaine County, Idaho: A Reservoir of Effective Communication   [open pdf - 56KB]

"In 2011, as part of a Risk MAP analysis of the Big Wood Watershed in Idaho, FEMA performed Discovery in several counties in the south central part of the state, including Blaine County. FEMA's Discovery is an effort to more fully engage communities during the flood mapping needs evaluation process. At the close of the Big Wood River Discovery effort, an additional study of the watershed was not funded. However, while further analysis of the watershed was not authorized, following Discovery, a review of comments and feedback from county officials indicated that they had serious concerns regarding the current accuracy of the study for the Magic Reservoir. The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) for the reservoir used on the 2010 revision, shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) as a Zone A, had been redelineated based on very coarse topography during FEMA's earlier Map Modernization program. The county was very unhappy with the 2010 changes to the floodplain limits and desired a new study to resolve the matter."

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