Closed Point of Dispensing Site Planning Workbook   [open pdf - 615KB]

"Closes Point of Dispensing Site (CPODS) will play an important role in any situation where it is necessary to provide emergency medications to large groups of people. Traditional medical providers, such as hospitals and medical clinics, will likely be overwhelmed during a large-scale public health emergency. The open PODS established to support the public will also be highly stressed in a situation where the entire population needs medication within a short time frame. CPODS will help relieve some of the pressure by reaching specific portions of the community. As a result, long lines and public anxiety can be reduced and resources can be used more efficiently. By partnering with public health and operating a CPODS, your staff members and their family members will receive medications at your facility, which reduces the likelihood of having to visit the open PODS. This will provide peace of mind during this crisis because they know that their organization has taken the 'extra step' and conducted the necessary coordination and planning prior to an event to provide an alternative method to protect them during an emergency where medications must be dispensed."

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