FEMA Mitigation Best Practices: Award-Winning Team Helps Residents Recover from Disaster   [open pdf - 402KB]

"During the Labor Day weekend of 2011, Bastrop County was devastated by the biggest wildfire that the state of Texas had ever experienced. More than 1,600 homes burned; residents felt overwhelmed. When the smoke and fire subsided, 276 home owners were confronted with the reality of being homeless and in desperate need of help. The households were low-income, underinsured, or did not have insurance at all. The Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management, coordinated by Michael Fisher, recognized that it would take years to recover from the damage inflicted by the fire. The result was the creation of the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team (LTRT) comprised of 11 employees that sprang into action immediately. Its mission was to help those 276 families. Among the LTRT members was Program Coordinator Janice Butler, who lost her home in the fire and knew firsthand what the homeowners were facing. Fellow team member Sheila Lowe, Case Management Supervisor and also a resident of the community, was glad to be a part of the recovery process. […] After three years of assisting homeowners, the team completed its successful mission and ceased operations, not realizing at the time that the closure was only temporary. Three months after the LTRT ended the program, residents of Bastrop were faced with another catastrophic situation. On Memorial Day weekend 2015, flooding of epic proportions ravaged the state of Texas, damaging homes and destroying lives. […] The Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team was reactivated on May 27, 2015. As before, Butler and Lowe joined forces. Along with two other employees, their collective mission was to help individuals and families who sustained damage in the flood and tornado events."

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