Beyond the Build: Delivering Outcomes through Cyberspace   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Introduction: "Our mission in cyberspace is to provide mission assurance for the operation and defense of the Department of Defense information environment, deter or defeat strategic threats to US interests and infrastructure, and support the achievement of Joint Force Commander objectives. Our challenge is to protect the things we value--freedom, liberty, prosperity, intellectual property, and personal information-- without hindering the free flow of information that fosters growth and intellectual dynamism. All nations have vulnerabilities that can be exploited in and through cyberspace, but we can lessen ours dramatically by harnessing the power of our nation's cyber enterprise. We as a Department are still in the early stages of this journey. The necessary cyber workforce, defensible architecture, situational awareness, operational concepts, authorities, and capabilities are not fully in place. Knowledge of our mission set across the Department and the government is not yet where it needs to be. Our traditional command and control and organizational constructs do not enable the speed and agility required to keep pace with change in the cyber domain. We must adapt, and soon! Our challenge at US Cyber Command is to apply our experience and expertise in an adaptive manner, making initiative, innovation, and excellence our standards as we execute our responsibilities to secure our nation's freedom of action in cyberspace and help mitigate risks to national security. Our task is to make this domain understood by other warfighters and integrated into broader military and governmental operations while providing decisionmakers and operational commanders with a wider range of options while resources are constrained and threats are growing. This guidance provides US Cyber Command with strategic direction to ensure unity of effort as we perform our duties in the service of the nation."

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