Ending Human Trafficking: Building a Better World and Partnerships for Sustainable Security and Human Dignity   [open pdf - 250KB]

"Human trafficking is a serious crime that must be confronted by our economies in this region, especially with so many human trafficking victims coming from Asia. Amidst growing prosperity and development, no person should be exploited through the use of force, coercion, or fraud. No one should ever have to be subjected to human trafficking, forced into sexual exploitation, or recruited and forced to serve as a gang member, child soldier, or terrorist. The societal harms and impacts posed by human trafficking are very real. Corruption helps to fuel it and enriches not only those criminal networks behind today's modern slavery but also enables corrupt police, customs, judicial, and other security officials who protect traffickers and allow them to carry out their criminal activities. Human trafficking siphons away the human capital potential of communities to build sustainable economic growth in a manner that respects human rights. No person should ever have a price tag attached to their heart and soul nor be restricted, abused, and violated against their physical integrity and free will. Yet, over 20 million people are estimated to be entrapped in modern slavery. According to some estimates, trafficking in persons has become one of the most lucrative forms of organized crime, behind arms and drugs trafficking, with illicit profits exceeding $150 billion every year. These illicit proceeds are helping to expand the global illegal economy, and through a web of corruption and criminality, are derailing our ability to nurture growth markets and investment frontiers that can finance the sustainable futures of our communities."

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