Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX) Pandemic Influenza After Action Report/Improvement Plan: Teton County, WY, June, 2014   [open pdf - 297KB]

"Pandemic Influenza exercise narrative includes three TTX modules addressing preparedness, response and extended response/recovery mission areas with an emphasis the following key issues: Preparedness; the CDC is reporting that there are confirmed cases of H5N1in the US, this virus has pandemic potential, patients have recently returned from an overseas trip, the middle school is also reporting several cases of influenza-like illness, CDC EOC has been activated, in alert phase, Response; widespread cases of H5N1 virus in the US and overseas, a public health emergency has been declared in the US, worker safety is threatened, potential for maximum capacity in hospitals, potential for shortage of vaccination/ plan for mass vaccination, community mitigation measures considered, in pandemic phase, Extended Response/Recovery; pandemic is now in transition phase, approximately 30% of community population contracted the virus, 2% of cases have been fatal, vaccines and anti-viral medications are generally available."

Teton County Emergency Management. Posted here from Lessons Learned Information Sharing database (LLIS). Documents are for personal use only and copyright laws apply.
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This report is the result of the VTTX Pandemic Influenza exercise that took place on March 21, 2014 in Teton County, WY.
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