Corrective Action Program & the Remedial Action Management Program   [open pdf - 223KB]

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency' s (FEMA) Corrective Action Program (CAP) and Federal Emergency Management Agency's Remedial Action Management Program (RAMP) both provide comprehensive approaches for identifying, prioritizing, assigning, and tracking corrective actions following exercises and real-world events. The recent incorporation of the Preparedness Directorate into FEMA requires reconciling CAP and RAMP's distinct and complementary goals, functions, and processes. RAMP and CAP have distinct yet compatible roles. RAMP is well-suited to serve as FEMA's internal remedial action management program, while CAP is designed to serve as an overarching program for linking Interagency, DHS, and State/local corrective actions. While FEMA may be assigned action items through the CAP process when participating in Interagency, DHS-wide, or DHS-funded State/local exercises, FEMA can use the RAMP to carry out internal tracking of such items."

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