Operational Test Bed--Alexandria (OTB-A) Communications Interoperability Gateway Subsystem Operational Test Document   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This document details the results of tests conducted to verify proper operation of a communications interoperability Gateway Subsystem based on an ACU-1000 Intelligent Interconnect System. This Subsystem has been installed at the Alexandria, Virginia, Police Department (APD), and interfaced with the existing communications infrastructure of the APD and other law enforcement and public safety agencies in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., region. The resulting communications interoperability capability allows direct voice over-the-air radio communications among multiple law enforcement agencies that utilize radio systems operating in different frequency bands, or operating within the same frequency band but using incompatible modulation formats or trunking techniques that defeat interoperability. [...] A brief description of the Gateway Subsystem is provided in Section 2. An overview of the tests is provided in Section 3. Section 4 includes a description of the activities that were undertaken in preparation for test execution. A summary of the test results is provided in Section 5. Section 6 includes a description of each test, a narrative of the results of the test, and any changes that were made to the Gateway Subsystem as a result of the test."

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Report No. TE-00-04
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