US Army Field Manual: Veterinary Service - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This publication outlines the functions and operations of each veterinary element within an area of operations (AO). It provides tactics, techniques, and procedures for veterinary support. The information provided in this publication will assist veterinary commanders and staffs to operate efficiently in the corps and echelons above corps (EAC) arenas. It may be used by medical planners to supplement Field Manual (FM) 4-02, FM 8-42, and FM 8-55. The recently approved Force Design Update and approved table(s) of organization and equipment (TOEs) provide two newly designed veterinary units. The medical detachment, veterinary service (MDVS) has subcomponents that include a headquarters section, a food procurement team, and veterinary service support teams (5). Each of these subcomponents has their own A-Series TOE/ Standard Requirement Code (SRC) as well as their overall unit TOE and SRC. This means that planners can put any of the subcomponents into a Time-Phased Force Deployment List (TPFDL) or an operation that they feel is needed, to include the whole unit if desired. The medical detachment, veterinary medicine (MDVM) was designed to deploy as one unit. This manual also provides doctrine for veterinary units organized under the L-Series TOEs."

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FM 4-02.18 (FM 8-10-18)
Public DomainFM 4-02.18 (FM 8-10-18)
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