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Alternate Title: Instructions: Collecting Data using EEGs

"The Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEGs) are structured to capture information specifically related to the evaluation requirements developed by the Exercise Planning Team. The following evaluation requirements are documented in each EEG: [1] Core capabilities: The distinct critical elements necessary to achieve a specific mission area (e.g., prevention). To assess both capacity and gaps, each core capability includes capability targets. [2] Capability target(s): The performance thresholds for each core capability; they state the exact amount of capability that players aim to achieve. Capability targets are typically written as quantitative or qualitative statements. [3] Critical tasks: The distinct elements required to perform a core capability; they describe how the capability target will be met. Critical tasks generally include the activities, resources, and responsibilities required to fulfill capability targets. Capability targets and critical tasks are based on operational plans, policies, and procedures to be exercised and tested during the exercise. [4] Performance ratings: The summary description of performance against target levels. Performance ratings include both Target Ratings, describing how exercise participants performed relative to each capability target, and Core Capability Ratings, describing overall performance relative to entire the core capability. [5] Organizational EEG(s): The EEGs containing organizational capability targets and critical tasks. These are developed for a specific organization and are not transferable to any other organization."

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