Waater Infrastructure Risk Assessment: Increasing Security and Reliability by Design   [open pdf - 196KB]

"National and international security challenges shifted with the end of the cold war. Scarcity of arable land, water, and other basic resources are now recognized as critical components of regional stability in many areas around the world. Water resources and the associated supply, treatment, and distribution infrastructures are important elements of national security that face a spectrum of threats. According to the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, the nation is so dependent on our infrastructures that we must view them through a national security lens. Infrastructures are also essential to the nation's economic health and social well-being. Recent threats and isolated attacks on the water distribution system suggest a trend that could put our water infrastructures at risk. Foreign governments, disgruntled employees, terrorist groups, transnational crime syndicates, and vandals all pose potential threats to our nation's water systems."

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