'Asking for Help': Do You Know How?   [open pdf - 267KB]

"For many people, 'asking for help' is not as easy as it sounds. Yet, 'not asking' for help, or 'asking too late', can turn a manageable situation into something more serious, which ultimately may require more care, and therefore more time. Not asking for help or asking too late can affect not just one's health and well being, but also that of his/her family, especially one's children. 'Asking for help' is something we are taught from a very young age. We learn to ask politely, communicate what we need, and then say 'thank you' once help is given. As we get older, asking for help is often confused with or feared as a personal weakness or vulnerability. 'In fact, asking for help is most often viewed as a sign of strength and good judgment.'"

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