UNCW Pandemic Flu Exercise: October 10, 2007: After Action Report [Wilmington, North Carolina]   [open pdf - 217KB]

"The UNCW [University of North Carolina Wilmington] Pandemic Flu tabletop exercise took place on October 10, 2007. This exercise was conducted to better prepare UNCW emergency responders for a widespread pandemic influenza situation. Participants were presented with a scenario and asked to respond in real time according to the UNCW Pandemic Influenza Response Plan. All participants received a copy of the plan prior to the exercise. The exercise scenario took participants through four modules. However, because of limited time, participants were only able to discuss two of the modules. During these two modules, participants identified many successes in UNCW's pandemic flu procedures as well as several challenges. Successes included the quick identification of a suspected avian flu case at UNCW, effective coordination with the New Hanover County Health Department, and excellent cooperation between the participating groups and departments. Issues included a lack of academic policies for pandemic flu situations, difficulties in communicating with UNCW community members working and studying abroad, and lack of the identification of essential functions at UNCW and succession plans to keep these essential functions filled."

University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), Environmental Health and Safety Department. Posted here from Lessons Learned Information Sharing database (LLIS). Documents are for personal use only and copyright laws apply.
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UNCW Pandemic Flu Exercise. Wilmington, North Carolina. October 10, 2007
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