Business Shelter-In-Place, Student Guide   [open pdf - 1MB]

"These STUDENT NOTES are intended to accompany the 'Business' Shelter-In-Place video prepared for the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP). The CSEPP is a collaborative effort by the Army and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state and local officials to improve the emergency response capabilities of communities that surround the chemical stockpiles at the eight U.S. Army installations in the continental United States. Since CSEPP began in 1988, state and local officials have teamed with the Army and the FEMA to protect the public in the unlikely event of a chemical agent release. Although evacuation is the preferred action in the event of an accidental release of chemical warfare agent if time permits, officials may advise businesses and industries to shelter-in-place under some circumstances. This video is intended is to describe the planning elements necessary in developing a plan for sheltering-in-place of occupants in a place of business during a short-term chemical emergency. Many businesses and commercial operations have contingency plans that include evacuation during emergencies. The information provided in this training can be coordinated with those plans to accommodate the unique features of shelter-in-place protective actions. It is important to remember that in the development of a SIP plan for business and commercial interests, it is impossible to anticipate the detailed local conditions that will exist when a chemical agent is released."

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