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"American policing has a tendency to study urban policing and then apply those findings and standards to the small and rural setting. Rural policing is distinct in nature and needs to be adapted to the rural setting. More than 90% of the law enforcement agencies in the United States have less than 50 officers. Recognizing the needs of small and rural law enforcement may not be being met, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) along with the Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC) sponsored a national summit for small and rural law enforcement. The summit was held in August 2009 in Tulsa Oklahoma and was attended by over 50 participants representing 38 states. Of the law enforcement agencies present, they had an average of 23 full‐time sworn officers. The participants were divided into four working groups and discussion was facilitated by members of the RULETC advisory board. These discussions resulted in three primary Issues. 1. Lack of representation of the small and rural agencies in national policy and funding. 2. Recruitment and retention of officers 3. Training"

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2010 National Summit for Small Law Enforcement Agencies, Ft. Myers, FL. August, 2010
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