Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan [Lithuania]   [open pdf - 47KB]

"Influenza and other acute respiratory infections (hereafter - ARI) cause the most harm to residents' health and stipulate most social and economic waste of all communicable diseases. Increase of population incidence and mortality during influenza epidemic condition not only influenza and pneumonias, but also cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, the exacerbation of which is instigated by influenza infection. After increasing incidence of pneumonia and other chronic diseases, more patients are hospitalised. Different complications occur mostly and are more dangerous for elderly people and people suffering from chronic diseases. During influenza epidemic about of 80% of cause the death of elderly people (65 years and elder). There are registered from 40 to 190 thousand cases of influenza annually (in average - 100 thousand). Yearly about 500 million of people worldwide get sick with influenza."

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