Signature Verification for Access Control   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Access control to sensitive information is a vital concern for Department of Defense agencies. Current methods employed to control access are vulnerable to unauthorized users and frequently inadequate. The use of biometric access control devices, such as signature verification systems, may represent a solution to the access control problem. This thesis looked at two dynamic signature verification systems and compared their performance in general as well as under the different operating conditions of lined and unlined paper and morning and afternoon use. The two signature verification systems were the CIC [Communication Intelligence Corporation] system and the Sign/On system. Additionally, the thesis compared the CIC system under both sets of operating conditions using an inking stylus pen and a non-inking stylus pen. The experimental results indicated there was no significant difference between the CIC system using an inking stylus pen and the Sign/On system and that both systems had Type I error rates of less than 3% and Type II error rates of less than 1%. The results also indicated that the operating conditions test did not favor either system."

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