Contingency Plan: Don't Leave Home Without It! Simple Things You Can Do to Prepare for an Unexpected Departure from Post   [open pdf - 417KB]

This document addresses the fact that USG employees and family members must live with the possibility of an evacuation from their overseas post. In the event of either an ordered or authorized departure, this document outlines what the Department of State will do. From the conclusion: "No matter how calm things are at your post, you should not be lulled into thinking that 'it can't happen here' as 65% of all evacuations occur in low to medium threat posts. In one year alone, 11 posts (from every region of the world) were under 'ordered or authorized departure' at some point. More than 600 people were suddenly faced with making the kinds of decisions described in this booklet. Personal preparation in advance can alleviate some of the difficulties of an evacuation."

Publisher:United States. Department of State
Copyright:Public Domain
Retrieved From:Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS)
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