Design and Implementation of ZTRAX: A Training, Readiness and Flight Hour Relational Database Management Tracking System   [open pdf - 4MB]

"In an era of diminishing budgets, information technology must help direct operational commanders in the maximum utilization of their available resources. The institution of a relational database management system to identify and exploit an organization's strengths will aid in keeping forces combat ready at all times. The design and implementation of ZTRAX; a training, readiness and flight hour relational database management system. ZTRAX is expected to provide historical information of home and deployed, operational and training flight evolutions which will aid in the process of training and readiness planning. The ZTRAX application was implemented in November, 1991 and is a menu driven program which permits the addition, editing and querying of data contained on two source documents; the Monthly Training and Readiness Report and the Monthly Flight Hour Report. Ztrax is run concurrently from within the Paradox program to permit a vast array of ad hoc queries, reports and the importation of graphical display mechanisms. [...] Chapter II will detail the design of the RDBMS. Chapter III discusses implementation of the RDBMS [relational database software application] and its interaction with other commercial software applications for graphical representation purposes. The users manual is contained in Appendix E. Chapter IV discusses the issue of computer security and its relevance to all microcomputer operations. Chapter V provides recommendations and conclusions for the use of a relational database management system to provide accurate and timely readiness and training information. Appendix A-E will provide the data input documents, object diagrams, object definitions, domain definitions and the users manual, respectfully."

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