Instructor Guide: Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chemical - Vx Scenario   [open pdf - 1007KB]

Alternate Title: Instructor Guide: Orientation and Exercise Course G 310.04: Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chemical - Vx Scenario

"The President of the United States has, through the issuance of Presidential Decision Directive 39 (PDD-39), assigned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) lead federal agency responsibility for consequence management of terrorism. As such, it is FEMA's responsibility to ensure that State and local response plans, procedures, policies, and capabilities are adequate and tested. The President's highest priority is to assist State and local government's efforts to develop effective capabilities for reducing and managing the consequences of terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). As part of its strategy to execute its mission, FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) has developed a series of courses, consisting of three sessions, which simulate the types of challenges faced by local communities following a WMD terrorist incident. The sessions are designed to help you analyze, discuss and identify your jurisdiction's needs. This course involves a chemical terrorism incident."

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