Learning from Hurricane Hugo: Implications for Public Policy   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Between September 10 and 22, 1989, the storm that became known as Hurricane Hugo made its way across the Caribbean Islands, up the southeastern coast of the United States, and came ashore along the South Carolina coast. The results of the storm included 49 deaths, widespread damages and losses estimated to exceed $9 billion, temporary displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, and disruption of the lives of about 2 million people. Its long-term impacts will be felt for years. Like other natural disasters, Hugo spawned a large number of research investigations, post-disaster evaluations, case studies, assessments, conferences, journal articles, and other documentation. This report is a collection of the findings and conclusions from that body of material that have or could have public policy implications. The goal was to provide a succinct summary of the information gleaned from the Hugo experience that would be relevant to public officials at any level who have to plan for or manage disasters."

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