Real Time Flood Modeling Due to the Severe Rainfall During a Hurricane: The West Fork of the Calcasieu River, Calcasieu and Beauregard Parishes, Louisiana   [open pdf - 935KB]

"Flooding resulting from hurricanes is a major cause of loss of life and property. A new tool in understanding the nature and extent of flooding is now available to local emergency management and other personnel. This tool links hydrologic and hydraulic modeling programs, geographic information systems, and real time weather data. The tool provides local officials information to be used in selecting evacuation routes, buildings to be used as shelters, and areas to be impacted by rising flood waters. In addition, the technology provides local officials with information to mitigate flooding damage including the examination of alternate strategies for identifying drainage area, adding pumping stations, levees, and land use. For the private sector, the flood modeling programs can provide chemical process operations with accurate flood inundation areas, the level of water and flow rate for these areas. For chemical processors who produce, store, transport hazardous substances, this tool provides information on the potential impact for potential or historical storms. [...] The demonstration project makes use of National Weather Service forecast information including volume and intensity of rainfall. Flood inundation maps created in the demonstration project will be provided in paper and digital form to State and local officials so that the nature and extent of flooded areas may be understood. Local officials can then use the maps to identify critical building, structures, and transportation routes inside the flood zones. Such a system enables local officials to quickly identify at-risk structures, homes, and organizations. Specific Flood elevation levels for the study area may be used to calculate the most efficient use of pumps, evacuations, or selection of evacuation routes."

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