CAP-USAF Pamphlet 12: Interim Evaluation Guide   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This memorandum and attached guide will provide interim policy for the Biennial SAR [Search and Rescue]/DR [Disaster Relief]/HLS [Homeland Security]/CD [Counterdrug] evaluations and GTEs [Guided Training Exercises]. This interim guidance is applicable to both CAP [Civil Air Patrol]- USAF [U.S. Air Force] and CAP and is effective upon receipt. It supersedes the CAP-USAF Pamphlet 12 Evaluation Guide dated Mar 1999 and the related guidance in CAP-USAFI 10-802 and CAPR 60-3. This guide will serve as a working draft for the remainder of the 2005 exercise and evaluation cycle. CAP-USAF Liaison Regions (LR) and CAP Regions are requested to provide consolidated feedback to CAP-USAF/XOV by 31 Oct 2005. This feedback will be reviewed, incorporated into a final draft, and submitted for formal coordination and approval. [...] The role of the Civil Air Patrol changed forever after September 11, 2001. While SAR/DR remain the bedrock missions for CAP, performing missions in support of HLS is now an ever- evolving assignment."

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Interim CAP-USAF Pamphlet 12
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