Staff Reports to the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island: Reports of the Public Health and Safety Task Force   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The following summary of the task force reports defines the key issues and identifies the major findings from the accident concerned with four major health areas of the investigation: (1) the amount of radioactivity released and the radiation exposures to the general population and the workers; (2) the real and potential radiation risks to health of the general public and the workers, such as radiation- induced cancer, developmental abnormalities, and genetically related ill-health; (3) the behavioral responses of the public and the workers to the stress of the nuclear emergency; and (4) the broad and substantive health issues that bear directly on public health and safety of the workers during the normal operation of a nuclear power plant and during a nuclear accident, specifically at TMI [Three Mile Island]. The body of the task force report consists of four interrelated reports; namely, those of the Health Physics and Dosimetry Task Group, the Radiation Health Effects Task Group, the Behavioral Effects Task Group, and the Public Health and Epidemiology Task Group."

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